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Hangar One Steakhouse founder Greg Hiser was born into aviation. His father Keith Hiser has more than 40 years flying experience. Keith served 2 tours in Vietnam (1966 & 1971) retiring after more than 20 years in the Air Force. He retired again from Cessna after 20 years. His favorite airplane to fly was the B-25 Mitchell. Keith met Greg’s mother Verna while both were stationed in Puerto Rico – she was also in the Air Force.

Greg loves aerobatics and has been involved in many airshows. Some of the aircraft he has owned over the years includes a T-6 Texan, Casa Seata, Provost MK5 and a TS-11 Iskra. He currently operates a King Air 90, an L-39 Albatross and a Cessna 172.

Greg and his wife Beci (also a pilot) were married in the large hangar at Yingling Aircraft Services on Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. Greg flew his attendants in a Piper Aero; Beci and her attendants arrived in “Beech Baby”, a C-45 owned and piloted by family friend Joe Cowan. The aircraft protruding from our building is also a C-45 and that is another story...

The aircraft protruding from our building is a 1944 Beech C-45 called “Amelia” and is named after Atchinson, KS native Amelia Earhart. She has not been found but our “Amelia” was found. Greg, with the help of fellow explorer pilots Tim Thorpe, Greg Downing and friend Vic Buckner, rescued her from southern jungles. Through much hardship including fighting ferocious jungle animals, malaria-carrying insects and unhappy native troops the group brought her to us to enjoy. Our C-45 is a cargo plane but we are not sure what cargo she was hauling on her final flight as the logs, to no surprise, are not complete. We do know our C-45 had its engines converted to the much more powerful turbine PT-6 engines giving the C-45 a higher cruise speed and better short field capability. The tables in our first floor bar area are Pratt and Whitney R-985 engines that were originally used on C-45s and Grumman Gooses.

Be sure to browse our memorabilia on display. Most of the items in our collection have their own unique story and many have their own place in history.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Let any of our staff know of any way we can make your visit more enjoyable.