HANGAR ONE STEAKHOUSE - 5925 W. Kellogg - Wichita, Kansas 67209

November 27, 2011

Dear Sir,
    I just wanted to drop you a short note about your steakhouse. I'm  ex-navy "carrier operations, USS Ranger" and a big aviation buff, I  now live in a very small town in Nebraska and recently drove down to Kansas to see my daughter and her family. Not ever having been to Wichita my daughter wanted to impress me with the aviation heritage of the area and planed the day with myself in mind.  To make a long story short your steak house was last on the list to wrap up the day
and may I say the most impressive!!
First I loved the atmosphere, it would make any aviation minded person feel completely at ease and home.
 Secondly, the food was exquisite along with the service, and more impressive what I found when I ordered my meal. I'm
a simple man and love chicken fried steak; this is what really impressed me.  Now hang with me a minute and NO I'm not crazy,  I've been around the world many times and have eaten is some if the most exclusive restaurants but never  have I ordered chicken fried steak and there was actuality the perfectly sized, spiced and battered piece of actual steak and not
a piece of chopped whatever! It was fantastic!!


Please keep up the great work and my family will be returning to your steak house.
 Mike Dillon